Family Wellness Center Members,

We are so thankful for our members who have utilized and supported the facility during our first phase of reopening. Beginning Monday, June 29th, we will begin phase two. We will be increasing our capacity in the fitness room from 10 to 15 members per hour. Also, members will no longer be required to make reservations for this area. The aerobics room will be limited to 2 members per hour. The pool area will remain reservation ONLY, but all 6 lanes will be open. Our therapy pool will now be available for up to 3 members per hour, excluding Tues. & Thurs. from 8am-12pm, which is reserved for the OCH Rehab services. Facility restricted to members 16 yrs. old & up.

We ask that you wear a mask into the facility and in common areas and sanitize your hands upon arrival. All members must check in with a key tag at the front desk. Masks will be used at your discretion while working out. Social distancing must be maintained at all times, and members will be asked to follow a flow of traffic that is clearly marked. You will enter through the right side door. To exit, walk through the swimming pool area, through the male or female locker room, and out the front door.

Thank you again to our members for complying with our guidelines. By working together, we will remain open and eventually, prayerfully, get back to full functionality! 

General Information concerning reopening:

1. If you have dropped a membership due to COVID-19, we will waive your initial fee to rejoin in the months of June & July. We encourage you to renew online at
2. We ask that payments, when possible, be made online or via phone. Credit/Debit cards or auto-drafts may be set up and online signatures are encouraged for a paperless system.
3. During this second phase of reopening we will not be able to have 24hr access for members.
4. The nursery will remain closed during June & July.
5. No community swimming at this time, nor will we be able to schedule pool parties until further notice.
6. The Gymnasium and Racquetball court will remain closed at this time.
7. No group classes at this time, but you can follow our instructors online for some great workouts.
8. We are encouraging online reservations for the Aquatics area. Swim times will be limited to one (1) hour. We will also take phone reservations. Walk-ins are welcome, but may have to wait for an opening. We can take your number and call or text for the next available slot. 
9. When reserving your time, or upon your first visit back to the FWC, you must sign a waiver documenting your acceptance of requirements, rules and guidelines. If safety guidelines are not being followed, a staff member will issue a reminder and if you still do not comply, you will be asked to leave.
10. Locker rooms and restrooms are considered common areas. Follow the guidelines.
11. The juice bar will only sell pre-packaged items.

Guidelines for the Fitness Area (Capacity of 15 members):
1. Wash/Sanitize hands prior to working out. Respect social distancing at a minimum of 6 feet, or greater if needed, depending on workout exertion.
2. Hand towels (sweat) should be brought from home. We cannot provide them at this time.
3. Setting a timer on your phone may be helpful to keep up with your time.
4. All personal items must be in a gym bag or on your person during your workout.
5. Outside workout equipment should not be brought in, with the exception of yoga mats, which we will not be able to provide at this time.
6. Refrain from any lifting that would require spotting.
7. For social distancing purposes some cardio equipment has been closed, so please respect signage.
8. Our staff will be cleaning hourly in the fitness area. We ask that each member be responsible for wiping down each piece of equipment after use. Cleaner and paper towels provided.
9. Water fountains will be closed during this time. You are encouraged to bring a water bottle from home.

Guidelines for Aquatic area: (Capacity of nine (9) members in the aquatics area).

1. Small pool is available for up to three (3) members per hour. Hospital therapy has Tues. & Thurs. reservations from 8am-12pm.  Therapists will remain outside the pool at all times.
2. Six (6) lanes are available in our large pool. You may reserve this for lap swimming for a maximum of one hour.
3. No lifeguard will be on duty.
4. Swimmers must be an adult or 16/17 and with an adult. Adults accompanying minors who wish to swim will need to book a time slot. Otherwise, non-swimming adults accompanying minors are to remain in the aquatics room maintaining proper social distancing.
5. Sauna is closed for now.
6. The showers will not be open.
7. Swimmers must bring their own towels as this service will not be available.

Guidelines for Aerobics room: (capacity of 2 members):
1. This room may be utilized by up to two (2) members as long as you follow social distancing guidelines.
2. Sanitize equipment after your workout.

We appreciate our members and we are so happy to be together again, but it is going to require an effort from all concerned to make this work. New information is presented daily, so this re-opening process will be ever changing. We welcome any suggestions from our members. Let’s work out in the safest manner possible and stay healthy!

FWC Management and Board of Directors

The mission at the Ohio County Family Wellness Center is to promote the wellness of mind, body and spirit for citizens of all ages by providing a facility for education, recreation and physical fitness, with a special emphasis on the needs of our youth.

Olympic Size Pool

Expanded Gym Room

Racquetball Court

First Class Fitness Room…Free Equipment Orientation

Whether you are attempting to reach your fitness goals or just want a place to hang out…FWC is the place to be!










  • I can't tell you what this has meant to me and my family. More than you will ever know...I am now more self-confident in how I look and I feel great!

  • I felt really good after every workout; it helps a whole lot having someone there by your side, letting you know that you can do it and that they are along side of you.

  • Not only am I losing both inches and pounds, but I'm now feeling better both physically and emotionally

  • I have enjoyed doing the Challenge with my 17 year old daugher and am thrilled at her progress. She has become very aware of how important nutrition and exercise is in her life

  • I look forward to coming to the aerobic classes each week. It is fun and I feel better afterward. This is something that I never would have dreamed of coming out of my mouth..

  • The challenge has shown me what I have been doing wrong in the past. I now am more confident that I can maintain the results because I now have the healthy habits to take me there.

  • Family Wellness Center was one of the factors under consideration before we moved to Ohio County

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